ImagineU promotes family bonding, learning


The Imaginarium in the Imagination Station Art and Craft Area.

Looking for a place to spend the entire day as a family, playing and learning together? Look no further! That place is ImagineU Children’s Museum in nearby Visalia, and we invite you and your family to visit. A brand-new member of the Sequoia Foothills Chamber of Commerce, located just 30 minutes from Three Rivers and the southern/main entrance to Sequoia National Park, ImagineU is the perfect place for family bonding in a cool, fun environment designed to easily teach and entertain kids from one month through 12 years. 

Housed in a 13,000 square foot purpose-built facility, it’s an excellent place to spend the day between the outdoor activities our area is known for — whitewater rafting, hiking in giant sequoia groves, horseback riding, boating, music festivals, art festivals — and to reconnect with the kids!

Ready, Set, Grow! Toddler area.

They can play in the citrus packing exhibit (the “Grove Pick and Pack”), or work on car maintenance at the “U-Fix-It Garage”! Kids can climb up through the Oak Tree to the Clubhouse and then come down through the Slide — or learn about the water cycle in the giant outdoor “Wonderful Water Exhibit” featuring a rain cloud that rains, and a water wheel that lights up a house.

Outside you will find a percussion-based Music Exhibit and, of course, Betsy the Cow which kids can “milk”! We have the Active Hands Active Minds area where kids can build forts and raceways, learn how to float a beach ball with the Bernoulli Blower, or discover gear ratios with the giant “Gear Up! Exhibit.” There’s a fully-stocked Arts and Craft area, that features an entirely glassed in Imaginarium where kids — and parents — can paint on the walls, plus an always-available set of ready craft. There’s even an entirely enclosed space specifically designed for toddlers through five years, which offers lots of things for touching, seeing and playing.

The Wonderful Water Exhibit at ImagineU.

ImagineU is the largest facility of its kind between San Jose and Los Angeles, and in addition to our physical exhibits we also offer a full range of activities and events. For example, come summertime, we are offering seven consecutive One Week Camps, for Kids between five and 12. Each week will focus on a different area. What do they have in common? All are designed to bring new and varied experiences to our children, helping them learn while playing, and enhancing their social skills. Another example: our new five-segment “Hands-on History” program! Segment one featured Medieval Times. Segment two will feature World War II.

ImagineU is a proud participant in the Chamber’s Hero Appreciation Months program and a sponsor of their annual Charity Bathtub Race at Lake Kaweah! We look forward to serving you and your family, during Hero Appreciation Months, and all year round!


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