Myrtle Beach, SC: A Perfect Spring Vacation


Spring has arrived in Myrtle Beach, America’s most popular beach vacation destination. And as the season comes into full bloom, the Grand Strand has never been more inviting.

At the heart of Myrtle Beach’s appeal is the area’s ability to preserve the best of its charming past while continually evolving and growing.

Myrtle Beach, once home to an Air Force base, has long prided itself on its outreach to America’s service men and women, and all public servants for that matter, working hard to honor the people that help make the country safe both at home and abroad.

So why do people of all walks of life find Myrtle Beach so appealing?

Fun and value are intrinsically linked and the Grand Strand has a well deserved reputation for providing an abundance of both. People that have fun on vacation tend to value in their trip. Conversely, it’s a lot easier to have fun when the cost of a trip doesn’t necessitate taking out a second mortgage.

The Grand Strand caters to families in search of any type of trip. Whether you are looking for a private, beachfront house and 5-star restaurants, or a reasonably priced oceanfront room, Myrtle Beach can accommodate. Throw in military discounts available on rooms, dining and activities, and the value for service men and women is even greater.

The first part of choosing a destination is accessibility. Can you get there without blowing the budget before you arrive?

Myrtle Beach is within a day’s drive of more than half the nation’s population and enjoys nonstop flight access from more than 30 cities, including Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston and Chicago. Eight different airlines – Allegiant, United, Delta, Porter, Spirit, America, Via Air and West Jet – offer direct access, including several low-cost carriers.

That ease of access puts Myrtle Beach on nearly everyone’s radar, but what the area offers on the ground is what keeps people coming back.

What can you do on a Myrtle Beach vacation?

The options are seemingly endless, but they begin with the Atlantic Ocean. Sun and surf are a hard combination to beat for land-locked visitors, and the wide, sandy beaches of the Grand Strand are, by consensus, among the best. Yahoo! Travel named Myrtle the “World’s Best Beach,” and who are we to argue?

Whether you want to swim, surf, parasail, go deep sea fishing or soak up the sun’s rays, Myrtle Beach is there for you, and the popularity of activity-oriented vacations are on the rise, which plays into the area’s strengths.

Myrtle Beach and Huntington Beach state parks offer the opportunity to tour undisturbed coastal land, allowing a look at the area’s native beauty and abundant wildlife. Both parks offer campsites that are among the prettiest in America, private beach access, great fishing and kids’ education programs (trust me, you will enjoy them, too!).

Visitors can kayak through Murrells Inlet, Cherry Grove, and the Black River or take private island tours to look for shells or enjoy a romantic sunset.

Galloway’s appearance and Military Appreciation Days will be among the highlights of the Spring, but every day in Myrtle Beach offers the opportunity to be the best of your trip.

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