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It doesn’t take very long to figure out you’ve arrived some place special when you come to Cedar Hill. Maybe it’s the pristine natural beauty as you drive into town on our FM 1382 nature corridor, maybe it’s the high-end shopping that makes Cedar Hill the regional shopping destination for parts of four counties, or maybe the warm feeling you get at a restaurant where everyone really does “know your name.” Whatever the reason, Cedar Hill offers the perfect place to live, work and play in an environment that is simply different from any other, an environment where opportunities really do grow naturally.

Cedar Hill has enjoyed a longstanding culture of value-based leadership. A clear consistent vision, a commitment to develop and implement long-range plans, an expertise in developing partnerships and a solid focus on community all serve to guide not just where Cedar Hill is going, but why. The result is a stable, vibrant, and intentional environment that is not only business friendly, but a sound and prudent place to invest. Families, businesses and community grow organically in Cedar Hill and this works to create the kind of market place that discerning businesses need to start, thrive and grow.

From tech start-ups to multinational companies, Cedar Hill has been designed to be a partner for business success. Being only half grown, and in the midst of the one of largest and fastest growing economies in the nation, Cedar Hill’s solid planning, friendly, stable environment and unique community and business amenities will continue to attract discerning businesses for many years to come.

Intentional Planning and Values = Growth and Prosperity

A wide range of innovative planning is guiding Cedar Hill into its future. One of most exciting of these is the City Center Plan that is transforming Cedar Hill’s historic downtown and commercial core into the most unique urban center in the region. The mix of integrated residential, retail, office and community services highly connected with open spaces, trails, bike lanes, and eventually, transit rail is creating many exciting business opportunities and new ways of calling Cedar Hill home.

Another key element is Cedar Hill’s innovative, sustainable land use planning, which balances growth with a deep commitment to preserving and connecting its natural spaces. Working in concert with its open space partners like Cedar Hill State Park and Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, the City is preserving 20 percent of its land area to insure it will continue to flourish and set Cedar Hill apart as a model. Other plans include creating a vibrant tourist economy centered on Cedar Hill’s iconic natural attractions, historic downtown charm and high-end shopping attractions. Significant transportation infrastructure enhancements are planned, including capacity and congestion upgrades to U.S. 67, and also Future Loop 9, which will connect Cedar Hill’s industrial and commercial areas directly to I-45, I-35 and other fast-growing areas within our expansive trade area.

As the North Texas region continues to experience dramatic growth, the most successful communities will be those that are connected, distinctive and discerning about who they are and where they are going. In this regard, Cedar Hill is uniquely positioned for business and community success.

As one of the oldest communities in Dallas County, commerce has always been a key part of the community and the environment. From its earliest days as a trading hub, agricultural center and railroad destination, to the vibrant, highly-diversified economy that is emerging today, Cedar Hill has been deliberately designed to perfectly balance quality business and community growth within the stunning natural beauty that makes Cedar Hill the prettiest part of North Texas.

Cedar Hill’s unique natural qualities, strategic central location, excellent connectivity and solid infrastructure supports a wide range of business sectors and are just a few of the reasons why so many national and regional brands of distinction are calling Cedar Hill home. Brands such as Dillard’s, H&M, JC Penny, Burlington Coat Factory and Home Depot all add to over two million square feet of retail and office space that make Cedar Hill a regional retail and business service hub.

Cedar Hill’s industrial sector is exceptionally diversified. The ease of connectivity to the region, availability of freight rail, and abundant well-educated human capital promotes growth and profitability in industries from metal fabrication and distribution centers to commercial fixture and aeronautical component manufacturing.


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