Mission First and Always


Sgt Butler, DS Mooreland, DS Sweeney, Spc Hineman, Sgt Desrosier of Bravo Company, 2/379th, 1st Brigade at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Bravo Company’s mission is to support in-processing basic trainees as they come through Initial Entry Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Even in the event of a national pandemic, that same mission remains. Our Soldiers have stepped up to the considerable new challenges presented by COVID-19 and are not missing a beat.

Pandemic-related problems require fast action and customized solutions. In response to a changing work landscape and in conjunction with the necessary social precautions, Bravo Company Soldiers have been assigned to Task Force Phoenix: Pandemic Response Team, in order to support all of the changing aspects of initial entry for new Soldiers. The Task Force provides assistance with Initial Reception Point (IRP) and ongoing Quarantine Operations, working tirelessly through both day and night shifts to fulfill and uphold their mission in the face of the many obstacles presented by the virus. Bravo Company Soldiers continue to in-process trainees, assisting medical staff throughout pre-screening and initial virus testing measures.

A recruit has her temperature checked by Spc. Bacerra, a Soldier assigned to the Bravo Company, 2/379th, 1st Brigade, upon arrival at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Soldiers of Bravo Company, 2/379th, 1st Brigade at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Bravo Company operates and maintains six bays and two office buildings across three quarantine locations, supports supply through issuing Organized Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE), and provides assistance for drill sergeants through meals and by addressing fitness and welfare concerns of quarantined Soldiers. The company is carrying out these efforts with health-conscious caution, and is doing their part to prevent further spread of the virus as they fulfill their mission.

Sgt. Butler, Sgt. Desrosier, Spc. Bacerra take a quick break from in-processing recruits at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Sgt. Derosier checks the temperature of a recruit during in-processing procedures at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

These Soldiers understand the phrase “Mission First” and live by that mentality. They have been flexible in response to the myriad of ever-changing tasks assigned to them, improvising and completing these tasks with little supervision while demonstrating a desire to execute above and beyond the standard. Though the parameters may change, the mission remains, and Bravo Company continues to fulfill theirs in the face of hardship, promoting a standard of not just duty, but efficiency, consideration, and innovation.


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