My First Best Warrior Competition – Why I Joined the Army

By Sgt. Ariel Oros

I felt like I am not getting any younger, so I decided to compete in this year’s Best Warrior Competition.  I’ve wanted to do it in the past, but I always felt intimidated by all of the events, thinking I wasn’t good enough. I received a lot of encouragement and support from my company and first line leaders, so I finally bit the bullet this time around.

I was a little nervous about participating, you could say.  It started from the beginning. I was close to not meeting the height and weight standards actually. I assumed that if you didn’t meet the standard, you would be sent back home like you are at Basic Leader Course, when not in compliance. I dealt with it by skipping breakfast the morning we flew in.

The hardest event was the Command Sergeant Major Board. It was my first board in my military career.

The easiest was the night land navigation and Army Combat Fitness Test.  The only time I considered giving up was during the ruck-march. I remembered that I would have to tell my wife I quit and the idea of that conversation forced me to continue the race. 

In general, I’ve learned that all hard things come to an end, and this was something I had to remember for Best Warrior Competition events that I wasn’t confident in.

Overall, I experienced more camaraderie than teamwork. I think this was because we had so many events back-to-back, we barely had time to sleep or shower.

I would recommend a Best Warrior Competition to other Soldiers who are looking for more challenging experiences in their military career.  This competition reminded me why I joined the Army. I had almost forgot what it was like to push yourself physically and mentally, while remembering that the decision to quit/give up will have longer effects than the current circumstance that you’re in.

Sgt. Ariel Oros is an ROTC trainer with Echo Team, Alpha Co, 2nd Battalion, 319th Regiment (Cadet Summer Training). He was promoted to sergeant in 2019. 

1st Brigade, 104th Training Division (Leader Training)


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