‘New Kids on the Block’


Charlotte, N.C.  — The 108th Training Command has some new faces aiding in the fight of Army Readiness in combat of Substance Abuse. Ms. Kameika Jones, (SAPC) and Mr. Terrence Miles (EAPC) join Ms. Samoa Brown, (ADCO) in completing the second and third leg of the Army Substance Abuse Program.

Terrence Miles, your Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC) aims to serve the Soldiers who test positive for illegal substance and/or have an alcohol issue. He is also committed to serving the Family members in whatever capacity he can to ensure their Soldier is combat ready. These programs include employment services, educational programs, short term counseling, etc. If the service cannot readily be provided, Mr. Miles can serve as a referral who can point you into the right direction.

Mr. Miles served in the Army National Guard for six years as a chaplain assistant and has a BS in Sociology and Education. Past experiences have included time in education (K-12 and community college), mental health, and career development. Mr. Miles has a passion for helping people who want better.

Soldiers and Family members seeking services should know that any interaction or conversation with Mr. Miles is held strictly confidential. Feel free to contact Mr. Miles via email Terrence.e.miles.ctr@mail.mil or his work number (704) 342-5107.

Ms. Kameika Jones is your new Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator (SAPC). Her main focus is serving the Soldiers who are assigned to test their units for drug testing of illegal substance and or have an alcohol issue. As a Prevention Coordinator, Ms. Jones conducts Unit Prevention Leader training as well as studying the trends of illegal substance use.

Ms. Jones visits units once a year to conduct Unit Risk Inventories (URI’s) as part of the effort to try to mitigate issues a Soldier endures from having turned to substance and alcohol abuse. Ms. Jones works alongside the EAPC to visit schools with heavily populated military children to spread awareness of drugs and their effects.  

Ms. Jones served in the Army Reserve / AGR for nine years as a Human Resource NCOand has her BA in Political Science: Pre-law with a double minor in Psychology and Criminal Justice as well as an MBA in HR management. Ms. Jones was designated as a Unit Prevention Leader for four years while serving in the AGR program which has given her plenty of educational training and exposure to become an expert in the field. 

Ms. Jones is here to help as SAPC the soldiers become subject matter expert and will be happy to talk more about the class dates and trainings  and answer any questions Soldiers may have, allowing them to assist in the army strategy to combat the substance abuse issues. Feel free to contact Ms. Jones via email Kameika.l.jones.ctr@mail.mil.


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