‘Not in My Squad, Not in Our Army’

The Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition held a mystery event that was never done before. The undisclosed event represented the significant focus attributed to the Army’s Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) Program. It was held on the final day of the competition and was worth 25 points, all or nothing. This year, Sgt. Maj. of the Army, Daniel. A. Dailey adopted the motto, “Not in My Squad, Not in our Amy.” This motto is associated with taking responsibility for all happenings within a squad—both good and bad—not just prevention of sexual harassment and assault. A phrase to simple to remember; who knew “Not in My Squad” be a question at the competition? Furthermore, who would figure knowing the motto, “Not in My Squad” would play in a key role in winning the Best Warrior Competition? Apparently, the majority didn’t know the motto. Only five Soldiers out of 39 got the question right, less than thirteen percent. However, the good news is two out of five who responded correctly belong to the 108th Training Command, including the winner and NCO of the Year, SFC Moeller. SFC Moeller credits his achievement to the 108th Training Command’s emphasis on the SHARP Program. Their knowledge of “Not in My Squad” is proof the word is getting out and SHARP is at the forefront.

Mrs. Paula James, 108th SARC /Program Manager and Mr. Nick Philoctete, Victim Advocate consistently keep the Command up to date with the necessary training and changes in policy and laws. It is the Army’s mission to eradicate and eliminate sexual assault. However, “We do not tolerate, condone, or ignore sexual harassment. It is fundamentally at odds with the obligation of DoD military and civilian personnel to treat each other with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment jeopardizes combat readiness and mission accomplishment, weakens trust within the ranks, and erodes unit cohesion.” Lastly, a new revision of Command Policy AR 600-20 is expected to publish in the near future. This will address informal sexual harassment complaints and the authorized use of DA Form 7746 to file and track complaints of sexual harassment.

While “Not in My Squad” was initially created as an alternate way to address SHARP issues and concerns, the phrase has impacted and branched out into other Soldier dimensions. Dailey quickly realized if all Soldiers lived the Army ethic, sexual assault and harassment, among other things, would not exist in the ranks. “We are Trusted Professionals!”


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