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You stand tall and dedicate your life to serving our country. No doubt you’d want the same dedication and pride from the university you choose to attend.

Designated a “Top Ten Military Friendly School” since 2009 for its online programs, Ball State University has several degree options that cater to your military career and in fields related to your current skills and training — from information technology to nursing to law enforcement and more.

What Makes Us So Military Friendly?

For starters, you have the opportunity to qualify for college-level studies pursued during your military service. Additionally, we’re certified for the GI Bill and participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, both providing financial aid for veterans, spouses, and dependents and waive the application fee for active service military personnel.

Ball State’s Veteran’s Affairs staff consists of veterans who have been in the same spot as you. They are dedicated to helping fellow military members — active and veteran — achieve their educational goals. Our Veteran’s Affairs provides advice, guidance, advocacy and outreach services to veterans, reservists, guardsmen and family members who use veterans’ benefits.

How Online Education Compares

Ball State was among the nation’s first universities to offer online-only classes in the 1990s and was also the first higher education institution in the country to earn Learner Support Program Certification for its online programs, a recognition given by Quality Matters (QM), a leading quality assurance organization for online education. This certification tells you, the student, that we provide all the critical student and academic services needed for learner success.

The same professors who teach on our main campus also teach online classes, ensuring the same rigorous academic experience for all of their students. These professors not only have a true commitment to the success of their students, but they are also active in their fields, committed to research and developing best practices to further online education.

And while you might not interact face-to-face with classmates, you will connect through the latest in collaborative technology. Best of all, you’ll be learning from nationally recognized and accredited programs all on your own time. There are no set “classroom sessions.” You log in wherever and whenever your time allows, just as long as you complete required assignments when they are due.

Why a Ball State Degree?

A Ball State degree prepares you to be future leaders and innovators. Degree programs focus on practical experience and skills, in addition to research and bookwork, that you can apply immediately to your job — giving you an instant edge and payoff.

And just like our “Military Friendly” ranking, our online bachelor and graduate programs consistently rank among the best in the nation, according to “U.S. News and World Report.”

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