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Air Assault School is a difficult, prestigious school and Drill Sergeants of C Co 2/397th are working to assist Soldiers in their bid for the coveted wings. The pre-Air Assault training course at Fort Knox, Ky., is a preparatory measure conducted to ready Soldiers for the upcoming 10-day school. 

Air Assault school is designed to prepare Soldiers for insertion, evacuation, and  pathfinder  missions that call for the use of multipurpose transportation and assault helicopters, the prep course anticipates that expectation.

Drill Sergeants, DS Candidates, and Soldiers are supporting individuals battalion wide in a prep course for air assault students.

With Air Assault school focused on the mastery of rappelling techniques and sling load procedures, skills that involve intense concentration and a commitment to safety and preparation, coordinators of the C Company 2/397th pre-course have tailored instruction of their pre-course to mirror the exact same settings and conditions that will be faced during the rigorous and demanding tests of the actual Air Assault school.

One of those tough events is the obstacle course. The obstacle course is designed to assess the upper body strength, agility, endurance, confidence, and ability to perform at heights without displaying fear or distress of a Soldier. These tests are critical in determining if Soldiers will be able to complete Air Assault School without becoming a safety risk to themselves, instructors, or other students.

Drill Sergeants also give Soldiers basic instruction on ground and aircraft rappelling procedures, followed by a strict inspection of all necessary equipment needed for the intense school. After all classes were completed, candidates participated in a rigorous 12 mile foot march. During Air Assault School, Soldiers must complete a 12-mile foot march in full gear plus a rucksack in less than three hours to obtain the coveted Air Assault badge.

Coach, train, mentor. Drill Sergeant Nimer puts his skills to use assisting Soldiers at the range.

With the expertise of some of the Army’s best trainers, and an insight into expectations, this pre-Air Assault training is a welcome preparatory measure assisting Soldiers across the formation in earning their wings.


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