SGT Devin Crawford

2018 TRADOC Drill Sergeant of the Year


“One Drill Sergeant to represent them all, One Drill Sergeant to train them, One Drill Sergeant to bring them all and in the standards bind them.”

So it’s a VERY loose translation, but congratulations are DEFINITELY in order for 95th Training Division’s Sgt. Devin Crawford, the 2018 Drill Sergeant of the Year. Crawford ultimately out-performed 11 competitors from the National Guard, Active Component, and yes, even 98th Training Division peer, DS Roy.

Crawford is based in Neenah, Wisconsin, and the DSOY win is not the only thing on his plate – he is due to be married on October 6th, and will begin his DSOY duties in Washington D.C. with the AUSA conference the very next day! He and his fiancé (soon to be wife) Heather will then report to Virginia in November to begin his tenure as DSOY.

Congratulations, we are proud of you and look forward to your accomplishments this next year and beyond!


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