During, the Third Annual HQDA Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Improvement Forum (PIF), 30-31 August 2017 held at the Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia the following critically important information to enable Commands to be mission ready was shared:

a. Resource Management

Mr. Steven Thomas, SHARP Budget Analyst and COL Timothy Frambes, SHARP Chief of Staff, Army G-1, strongly suggested Army Reserve (AR) Commands utilize the “Comments” section of their Unit Status Report (USR) to communicate the operational risk and readiness issues our Divisions and Brigades assume due to their collateral Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and Victim Advocate (VA) positions and their wide coverage area(s); neither are negatively affecting active component.

b. Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP)

The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) manages the process from the D-SAACP Credentialing application receipt through certificate mailing in 120 days or less; the overview of the D-SAACP Credentialing Process is as follows:

Step 1. 108th/Mrs. James submits applicant’s application packet to NOVA;

Step 2. NOVA confirms receipt within five business days via email and processes application;

Step 3. NOVA reviews application for completeness and accuracy;

Step 4. Applicant receives email of application status within ten business days. If there are any discrepancies, the applicant must submit the corrected application and/or requested materials. After six months of inactivity or lack of response to the “abeyance,” the applicant must start over;

Step 5. D-SAACP Committee reviews application materials;

Step 6. Applicant receives official email notification of certification within five business days after last day of D-SAACP Board meeting. Applicant can start providing advocacy services with receipt of email; and

Step 7. NOVA mails certificate packets four to six weeks after the D-SAACP Board meeting to each credentialed SHARP professional. Next board convenes 27-29 NOV 17.

c. Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) 1B/1H Process

HQDA is currently conducting an ongoing data scrub in conjunction with HRC to clean-up ASIs, i.e. if a SARC / VA completed the 80 HR SHARP Certification Course and/or SHARP Foundation Course but never completed their ASI, they MUST take the course again if four years has lapsed since their training completion to remain relevant.

Submit the DA Form 4187/1B ASI to Mrs. James, 108th SARC, who will forward to Mr. Steve Castille/HRC for processing.

d. SHARP videos

These can be downloaded at

All SHARP videos at this site are T-JAG, policy and SHARP Academy approved with a disclaimer of use and are meant to be facilitated by a credentialed/trained SARC or VA. The videos were made by independent companies, not by HQDA SHARP Program Office for entertainment and education purposes, and some may make people uncomfortable; therefore, those facilitating MUST state upfront the intent for use and have assistance available for those who need it. While viewing the videos, answer the following question as you plan your own SHRAP facilitation / training:

(1) Which group/audience are you most likely to show video to?

(2) When/Where would be the most appropriate time to show the video? (Annual Training, Pre/Post Deployment Training, SAAPM events, etc.


Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment Bystander Resource, Assessment & Virtual Exercise is to educate Soldiers on the bystander intervention steps to disrupt incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It is a laptop-based training application and doesn’t acquire a facilitator; it is individual/self-paced and may be utilized as “make-up” for Face-to-Face annual SHARP training.


Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment Command Team Trainer is to develop Command Teams knowledge and skills to respond to incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It too is self-paced instruction with demonstrated Command Team strategies, practice scenarios, and an After Action Review.

g. Special Victim Counsel (SVC) Program

Determination if an AR sexual assault victim is eligible for SVC services will be determined by USAR Legal Command, POC: MAJ Angelia Champoux at (301) 944-3668 or (571) 216-6937.

h. ITAPDB Access

SARCs need access to ITAPDB for UIC “Soldier Lookup” to assist with correct DSAID entry.

i. Line of Duty (LOD)

AR 600-8-4 is being AR 600-8-4 is being revised with a new chapter to explain proper processing of sexual assault LODs.

This year’s PIF theme was “Mission Possible: TRUST – Implementing a Holistic Program,” which speaks to the Army’s commitment to maintaining transparency, reliability, and unsurpassed excellence. Therefore, I, along with LTG Thomas Seamands, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G1 and Ms. Monique Ferrell, SHARP Director, Army G1 are encouraging all Commanders and SARCs / UVAs to place these tools into your SHARP toolkits to successfully lead your SHARP Programs for FY18.

For additional information please contact Mrs. Paula James, 108th Training Command SARC/Program Manager, at or (704) 342-5169.

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