Staff Sgt. Thompson Scores 600 on Army Combat Fitness Test


Staff Sgt. Darell Thompson, the 98th Training Division NCO of the Year, was acknowledged by Command Sgt. Maj. Todd Priest as being the first known Soldier in the 108th Training Command to score a 600 on the Army Combat Fitness Test.

Thompson, who completed the ACFT as part of the 108th Training Command’s Best Warrior Competition in April, said he was happy for the change in physical fitness tests since the old Army Physical Fitness Test did not really test true physical fitness on the battlefield.

He said The new ACFT is more challenging to prepare Soldiers for real life situations.

Thompson knows a thing or two about fitness since in his civilian capacity he is a personal trainer/massage therapist at Masters Touch Massage Therapy and Body Transformation. As a fitness professional, Thompson pushes all his clients to harness both the mental and physical aspects of fitness to be their best, strongest selves.

In fact, Thompson implemented this belief as he prepared for the Best Warrior Competition. Since he was already in peak physical readiness, that allowed the Soldier to focus on the mental tasks of the competition more.

“Knowing I had the physical part down, allowed me to focus on the mental toughness aspect.”

Thompson shares his fitness knowledge quite readily because he truly believes in it. He regularly posts tips and instructional videos on his Instagram page at t1_body_transformation.

“I have made actual workout plans for Soldiers who need assistance in getting higher scores”, he said.


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