Taking Supplements Just Got Easier


When it comes to vitamins, finding a solution that meets all of your needs, but doesn’t involve swallowing heaping spoonfuls of pills like cereal in the morning, can feel impossible. No one wants to be taking 10 pills every day. That can’t be good for you, right? But how do you know what to take every day, what you should only be taking intermittently, and what ingredients might interact poorly when taken together?

Unless you’re a nutritionist, you don’t.

The Reset: an Easier Supplement Solution

That’s where we come in. Like you, we wanted a vitamin system that covered all our bases but didn’t require its own guidebook. So we created the Reset, an easy monthly program that meets all your nutritional needs–from core vitamins, to greens, probiotics, immune boosters and more–in just a single daily serving. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s how it works:

Rather than using a generic daily pill, our program delivers targeted nutritional support for a different health need each week of the month. Because you’re taking a different formula every week, we can ensure that you get the right amounts of the right ingredients in the right combinations, taking into account the complicated ins and outs of supplemental nutrition for you.

For example, we make sure you don’t take certain herbs and probiotics at the same time as they can cancel each other out. We also space out Vitamins A, D, E, K, as daily use can result in toxicity over extended periods of time. In other words, our system makes sure that you get only the best formulas for the best results. Let’s get into the weekly rotation:

Week 1/ Cleanse

Our month-long program begins with a seven-day cleanse, to kill off and expel toxins and waste from the body and clear the way for proper function. Antimicrobials like garlic and oregano help kill toxins and pathogens that have built up in the body over time, while ingredients like milk thistle, burdock root and cascara sagrada help the body flush waste from the body.

Week 2/ Greens

Next, seven days of our powerful greens blend to support muscle recovery, healthy blood flow and more. Antioxidants like astragalus and manganese help protect your cells and DNA from harmful free radicals, while anti-inflammatories like rose hip and alfalfa work against chronic inflammation. Finally, ingredients like pea protein and alpha lipoic acid help the body manage levels of glucose and “bad”


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