Task Force Marshall


Task Force Marshall, a battalion size element of 108th Training Command (IET) drill sergeants and civilians provide a three week basic skills refresher course to include basic rifle marksmanship and first aid instruction to U.S. Navy individual augmentees who are being deployed to many parts of the world. In between training cycles, the cadre comes together to maintain their required training and work on team building to strengthen unit cohesion.

Soldiers of Task Force Marshall gathered at the Teamwork Development Course at Fort Jackson on Mar. 8, and together they concurred the obstacles. At the TDC the cadre was split into two teams and given the rules, stipulations, restrictions and time limits for mission completion. 

Having to move all personnel and an ammo box across the pit of ‘lava’ while only using certain materials and with weight and number restrictions the task was not only a test of balance, strength, and teamwork, but also of wits. The cadre applied the same “think outside the box” mentality used in training in order to accomplish their mission and complete the tasks.


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