The More Things Change


I used to believe the old adage, “The more things change the more they remain the same.” As life goes by, I have noticed the potential for cynicism, and a basic tendency towards feeling negative regarding change.  As a general rule, people don’t like change, and especially if the change is thrust upon them.

Cynicism tends to forego being selective.  In other words, if something changes at home or at work, our negative feelings can travel from one place to the other without much thought.  Cynical people at work can be cynical people at home, and cynical people at home can be cynical at work.

The real problem with cynicism is it keeps us from giving others a chance at making a good first or second impression with us.  Cynicism sees no hope for improvement, and prefers to live under the shadow of clouds than in the warmth of the sunshine.

“The more things change the more they remain the same.”  May, and maybe not. But that doesn’t really matter.

What really matters is our ability to adapt to change if it does occur around us, be it at home or at work.  If we are cynical, can we change?  Can we become more positive and give people a chance?  Can we give ourselves a chance?

When I am talking with someone who is open about their cynicism with change, I try to redirect their thinking from the word “change” to the word “growth.” It may be easier for us to embrace growth as a concept.  And if we are reasonable in our approaches to life, we will see the value of growing as people and as an organization.

If you don’t want to change, that is OK.  If you don’t want to grow, that is not OK.


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