Three C’s to Mission Success


Many are called but only the best are chosen. A team of cadre was selected to support, guide, and ensure the safety of the participants of the 104th Training Divisions intense four-day, 10-event Best Warrior Competition (BWC) held March 7- 10 2019, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Many of the cadre chosen for BWC will also serve as instructors and advisors supporting Cadet Summer Training (CST), also held at Fort Knox.​

Preparation is a crucial undertaking in building a force that provides training through front-runner responsibilities: producing Cadets capable of receiving challenge and accepting commitment. The rigorous tasks of the selected during BWC foreshadow the required leadership relevant during CST and because of that, the BWC Cadre developed the three C’s, which they applied during the competition, to augment during their upcoming time at CST as instructors and trainers.

For both events, the Cadre challenge themselves to be Capable of advising, coaching, and guiding competitors and Cadets as they aid in the transformation process from Soldier to Warrior and from Civilian to United States Army officers. They Challenge themselves to be icons of excellence in teaching, striving to be proficient in all warrior responsibilities and their Commitment is to mirror Army values, demonstrate warrior ethos, and personify the Army as a profession.

As SFC Benjamin Powers, 1-398th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 104th Training Division, 108th Training Command articulated, skills that he practiced at BWC prepared him for CST. He was able to refresh logistic knowledge, Warrior tasks, and various other skills that he will replicate while teaching cadets during CST. BWC allowed him the chance to train to be more proficient when instructing cadets.

“BWC prepares me for CST,” expressed Drill Sergeant (Sgt. 1st Class) Kelly Fordnda, Delta Company 2-397th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 104th Training Division, 108th Training Command. “Any opportunity to perform my duties as a Drill Sergeant is a great opportunity to be with the Soldiers, not only to motivate and inspire but also to provide guidance and leadership to help them through their army experience”.

Command Sergeant Major Todd Kaim, 1st Brigade, 104th Training Division, 108th Training Command, was a highly visible resource during the competition and was able to share his wisdom and best practices with Cadre and competitors alike.

“The tasks of CST and BWC are intertwined,” explained Kaim. “They are basic skill sets. BWC allows the competitors to sharpen skills, enhances confidence by performing, in turn enabling them to lead the future leaders (Cadets) as they go through CST. The role of competitors, Drill Sergeants, and noncommissioned officers at BWC prepares instructors, advisors, and leaders for the CST mission.”

Kaim went on to clarify that he considers all his Soldiers to be leaders.

“Drill Sergeants, non-commissioned officers, and BWC competitors, are all leaders,” Kaim said. “The goal of the mission and the 108th Training Command is to lead the cadets and teach them basic soldier skills. Whether a Drill Sergeant, competitor, or non-commissioned officer, we are all Soldiers required to perform the standard and the tasks at BWC were designed to push you to the limit.”

Cadre at BWC worked to implant the three C’s through leadership and fostering the ideologies of capability, preparation for challenges and the commitment needed to succeed at this level of competition.

In turn, not only the BWC Cadre, but also the Soldiers and Noncommissioned officers competing for the Best Warrior title will move on to CST this summer and assist in implanting the three C’s through that same drive for capability, preparing Cadets for initial challenges and the desire to pledge the oath of commitment to being an Army officer.


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