UC Berkeley Dean Appoints SROTC Instructors to Assistant Adjunct Professor


4-414th SROTC Assistant Professor of Military Science MAJ Dan Morse with his UC Berkeley students from the Military Science 202: Army Doctrine and Decision-Making course.

Maj. Dan Morse, Maj. Jennifer Nam, and Maj. Ben Raphael were appointed to the position of Assistant Adjunct Professor by the University of California at Berkeley after completing several evaluation board requirements this academic year. These officers serve in the 4-414th Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (SROTC), a unit that supports university ROTC programs with Reserve instructors to supplement the school’s active duty cadre. The 4-414th (SROTC) assigned them to Berkeley as Assistant Professors of Military Science; however, Berkeley is unique in that it does not recognize SROTC instructors until they have been boarded by the Military Officers’ Education Committee (MOEC).

The MOEC was established in the 1970’s as the chancellor’s advisory committee ensuring the academic quality of the Military Affairs program and the three SROTC departments (Army, Navy, Air Force) that comprise it. The primary function of the committee is to evaluate the military officers appointed as SROTC professors in a manner similar to the other Berkeley academic departments. This requirement sets Berkeley apart from practically all other colleges and universities that host SROTC programs.

The UC Berkeley ROTC active duty and 4-414th support cadre leading a field training exercise at Camp Parks, California. (From left to right: MSG Richard Dooley, MAJ Nathan Chang, LTC Aaron Elliott, MAJ Dan Morse, MAJ Jen Nam, MSG Chris Bearden, CPT Tim Boss)


Majors Morse, Nam, and Raphael each completed the MOEC board file review of their resumes, service record briefs, evaluation reports, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and transcripts showing master’s degree completion. The review culminated with interviews from the MOEC designed to determine the appropriate level of appointment within the adjunct educator ranks (lecturer, assistant professor, or professor). This academic appointment accompanies these professors’ listing of record in the Berkeley course catalog and will be reviewed annually by the MOEC.

4-414th SROTC Assistant Professors of Military Science at the UC Berkeley Tri-Service ROTC Ball. (From left to right: MAJ Jen Nam, MAJ Dan Morse, MAJ Ben Raphael, MAJ Nathan Chang)



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