USAR Drill Sergeants of the 2nd Battalion, 397th Regiment Support Georgia Military College (GMC) Cadets at USACC’s Basic Summer Camp (BSC)/Operation Agile Leader (OAL) 29JUL-16AUG 2020


Georgia Military College personnel and Soldiers, U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants and Military Science Instructors from the surrounding areas came together as the cadre for OAL. Given the two weeks, GMC scheduled a rigorously challenging plan to satisfy as many requirements of BSC as possible. USAR Drill Sergeants stepped in to lead the high OPTEMPO event to keep young Cadets focused on their tasks.

In two weeks, Cadets were instructed in Drill and Ceremony, PRT, Customs and Courtesies, Army Leadership and policies, fieldcraft and Army History. Tactically, Cadets honed and practiced individual,

squad and escalated to platoon level maneuvers. Cadets completed many of BSC’s exciting and challenging events; APFT, Obstacle Course, Field Leader’s Reaction Course, Rappel Tower, Land Navigation (Day/Night), 6 Mile Ruck March. After a six-day field excursion, Cadets culminated with a Blackhawk supported exfiltration operation back to garrison.



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