Visiting ‘Museum Row’


On 14 December, 2019 the Headquarters of 4th Battalion, 413th Regiment SROTC took the morning off from RTX planning to visit the Civil War Museum of the Western Theatre in Bardstown, KY. 

The museum, established in 1996 by Dr. Henry Spalding, is a collection of five attractions along “Museum Row.” The leading attraction is one of the biggest collections of Civil War relics in the United States. Included at the museum are the Women’s Civil War Museum and the Hal Moore Military Museum. Hal Moore, a former US Army lieutenant general, born in Bardstown, co-authored the 1992 bestseller, We Were Soldiers Once…and Young. This book about the Vietnam War was adapted into the 2002 film, We Were Soldiers.

Following the museum tour, the Headquarters enjoyed lunch together at the Bardstown Country Club before returning to Fort Knox to get busy on RTX planning for April, 2020. This yearly event is the only time the 4-413th gathers together all Soldiers in the Battalion. The regions come to Fort Knox to train, attend a range, complete an SRP, and enjoy a dining-in event before returning again to their Universities to continue training our future officers.


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